Radical Gratitude

A weekly, lectionary-based resource for "whole life," Christian stewardship

Are you looking for sermon ideas, resources for bulletins and newsletters, materials for personal and group reflection, or practical tips related to holistic ("whole-life") stewardship? If so, we invite you to explore our weekly e-mail resource, "Radical Gratitude." This free resource coincides with John Wesley's stewardship principles, the liturgical season, and weekly lectionary readings.

"Radical Gratitude" Archives

These archives include editions that span the three-year lectionary cycle. If you are looking for the issue that coincides with a particular church Sunday (e.g., Epiphany Sunday, Year B) please look below. If you are looking for reflections on a particular biblical text, please download the index below to find the corresponding issue.


"Radical Gratitude" Scripture Index

Please CLICK HERE to download an index that coincides with the archives above,


Liturgical Year A - Advent 2013-Pentecost 2014

Liturgical Year B - Advent 2011-Pentecost 2012

Liturgical Year C - Advent 2012-Pentecost 2013