Whole-Life Stewardship

The following resources have been developed by the Foundation's staff and are available to you and your church as you explore and embody Christian, "whole-life" stewardship.

"Grace & Gratitude" – A Four-Week Worship Resource for Exploring Christian Stewardship in the Wesleyan Tradition": This revised and expanded resource draws on Wesleyan theology and Christian scripture to explore stewardship as a life-encompassing response to God's grace. In it you'll find four, complete worship services; "Grace & Gratitude" response cards; helpful organizers' timelines; and many other resources that will enrich your church's perception and practice of stewardship. This resource can be easily used in lieu of, or in conjunction with, "traditional" annual giving campaign resources.

"Radical Gratitude": A free, weekly e-mail resource packed with sermon ideas, resources for bulletins and newsletters, materials for personal and group reflection, and practical tips for weaving "whole-life" stewardship into the entire church year. To sign up for "Radical Gratitude," please email us or call (800) 488-4179.

"Stewards of God's Household": A FREE, comprehensive theological statement on Christian stewardship from a Wesleyan perspective with accompanying study guide and worship resources. The easy-to-use/-adapt discussion guide may be divided into four sessions that explore: "God as Creator and Sustainer of the 'Household,'" "Human Beings as Stewards in God's Household," "Redemption of the Household," and "Praxis within the Household." To download, please click on the link above or call (800) 488-4179 for a hard copy.

Two "Whole-Life" Stewardship Resources for Advent and Christmas: "Simpler" Christmas resource guide and "Hundred Dollar Holiday" study and resource guide.

  1. "Simpler" Christmas Resource Guide: This guide is packed with simple ideas and resources for approaching Christmas in ways that are more Christ-centered, joyful, relationship-building, creation-caring, and meaningful.
    1. docChristmas Resources
  2. Congregational Study & Resource Guide for "Hundred Dollar Holiday: The Case for a More Joyful Christmas". A book by Bill McKibben. 
    1. docHDHtextonly.doc

It's easy to get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of Christmastime that we forget to ask: what is the real point of celebrating Christmas? This practical, little book -- "Hundred Dollar Holiday" -- suggests that, "The point is to emerge from Christmas...with some real sense that Christ has come into your world." The book proposes ways in which we can better prepare our hearts to receive Christ, by letting go of some of the commercialism and frenzy that distract us the real point of Christmas.

The PNW Conference Stewardship Emphasis has created a FREE (please download above), one-to-three-session Study Guide to foster conversation and action around McKibben's book. In addition to thought-provoking discussion questions, the guide contains prayers and a resource section for celebrating a more meaningful and joyful Christmas.

To purchase copies of "Hundred Dollar Holiday" call: UM Foundation of the Northwest at 800-488-4179 or Alternatives for Simple Living at 800-821-6153.