All Foundation investment options consist of one or more of the following investment funds:

Stable Value Fund, formerly our Intermediate Portfolio

U.S. Equity Fund

U.S. Equity Index Fund

Inflation Protection Fund

International Equity Fund

Fixed Income Fund

Equity Social Values Plus Fund

US Treasury Inflation Protection Fund

Social Values Choice Bond Fund

Churches and Agencies can choose to use one of our three pre-defined Diversified Portfolios or create their own Custom Portfolio made up of one or more of the seven funds listed above.

Our Investment Opportunities Booklet provides basic information about each of the funds used by the NWUMF. This booklet is intended to help Church Leaders by providing information in a quickly accessible format. Printing this document may be useful.


Portfolio Name 1 Month YTD 1 Yr 3 Yrs 5 Yrs 10 Yrs
Diversified Conservative Portfolio 1.20% 2.77% 7.36% 5.81% 6.06% 5.91%
Diversified Moderate Portfolio 1.38% 2.31% 7.73% 6.90% 6.52% 5.81%
Diversified Aggressive Portfolio 1.78% 2.98% 10.91% 8.53% 8.24%


Social Value Moderate 2.21% 0.95% NA NA NA


Last updated 07/31/2018

NWUMF administrative fees are three quarters (0.0075) of one percent of the account balance, taken quarterly.
NWUMF administrative fees are already calculated within the Returns noted above.