These diversified portfolios are designed for churches or agencies seeking:

  • Long-term (5 to 10 year) superior investment performance

  • Broad diversification using multiple managers

  • Investments aligned with United Methodist Social Principles

  • Managed Risk

  • Income and capital appreciation

Each portfolio provides a broad measure of diversification while employing different levels of investment risk and expected returns. The funds that comprise these portfolios are managed by Wespath, the investment agency of the United Methodist Church. The one, three, and five year return data are updated here monthly. Please remember that future performance does not mirror past performance. 

For churches and agencies seeking more liquidity and less market fluctuation, we also offer a Stable Value Portfolio, managed internally. Scroll all the way down to read more. 


Diversified Conservative Portfolio

YTD 1 YR       3 YR       5 YR       10 YR

12.79%   3.61%   6.64% 4.56%   7.28%

The Diversified Conservative Portfolio employs the highest portion of fixed-income securities in its portfolio balance. The balance between fixed-income and equity in this portfolio is even. The expected result of this mix is less volatility and a lower long-term return. 


Diversified moderate portfolio

YTD       1 YR       3 YR       5 YR       10 YR

12.85%   1.94%   7.11%   4.39%   7.34%

The Diversified Moderate Portfolio (formerly the Foundation’s Permanent Investment Portfolio) is our most popular option. The portfolio uses a higher percentage of equity investments in its mix that results in an overall balance of 35% fixed income and 65% equities. This balance increases both the volatility of the fund and its expected long-term return.


Diversified aggressive portfolio

YTD       1 YR       3 YR     5 YR     10 YR

14.40%   -0.13%   8.59%   5.36%   8.69%

The Diversified Aggressive Portfolio was designed for investment committees who wish to maximize their overall return and who are impervious to short or medium term downturns in the markets. The portfolio mix is 15% fixed-income and 85% equities. This portfolio lends itself best to those situations where liquidity is of much less concern than the potential for higher returns.


Diversified Moderate Social Values Choice Portfolio

 YTD 1 YR       3 YR      

13.52%   5.04% NA  

The Diversified Moderate Social Values Choice Portfolio was constructed in July and August of 2017. It is similar to our bell-weather Diversified Moderate Portfolio, but without investments in oil stocks and the three Palestinian conflict stocks that were the focus of several petitions at our annual conferences. 

The portfolio has a 65/35 equity to fixed income blend. Due to the Social Values Choice Equity Fund being invested in both domestic and international companies, only three funds are necessary to create the same mix as the four funds used in the Diversified Moderate Portfolio. This fund is so new that we don’t have one, three, and five year return data for it yet. 



Stable Value Portfolio

1 YR       3YR       5YR

2.69%    1.87%    1.18%

The goal of this fund is to earn current income by investing in a diversified portfolio of insured CD’s and Government notes with laddered maturities of 1 to 4 years. It contained $11.9M on 3/31/18. $3.8M of the fund is in privately placed secured loans made to churches and agencies within the Greater Northwest Episcopal Area. It provides a high level of liquidity and minimal market fluctuation.

The Stable Value Fund is the only fund that is managed by The Northwest United Methodist Foundation. With advisement from Morgan Stanley, Foundation staff have managed this fund for 25 years.