Dear [Name]

I am writing to thank you for attending Planned Giving Workshop at our church on [date]. I found the information very helpful, and I hope you did, too. 

The most important idea that I came away with is that each of us can plan ahead for generosity, both during our lifetimes, and beyond. No matter how large or small our estates may be, we can create gifts that give us great tax benefits and, more importantly, express our gratitude to the individuals, communities, and causes that have given our lives meaning. 

I also learned that bequests are the most common types of planned gifts. Next time you draft or revise a will, I humbly ask that you consider a gift to [church name]. By providing for our ministries in this way, you can support a United Methodist presence in [town] beyond your lifetime. My vision for the future is that this church will continue to provide [list some specific ministries of your church] for years and years to come. 

I’ll leave you with poetry from our Hymn of Promise: 

In our end is our beginning, 

In our time, infinity. 

In our doubt there is believing,

In our lives, eternity. 

In our death, a resurrection, 

And at last a victory, 

Unrevealed until its season, 

Something God alone can see. 

[your favorite signoff]

[Pastor name]