Thank you for hosting a planned giving workshop! Here are our suggestions for how to promote it ahead of time. We’re not too concerned about attendance. It’s more important to have the right people in the room than it is to have a lot of people in the room— and the right people are the ones who, due to some major life event, are already thinking about estate planning and/or tax deductions. In other words, they’re going through a “sensitive period.” The goal is to provide a steady stream of gentle reminders, so that when each person is most receptive to the message about planned giving, there’s something going on that speaks to them. Putting in a strong promotional effort in advance of a planned giving workshop is always worthwhile, because it acts as a gentle reminder to the whole congregation.

3 Weeks Before

  1. Adapt our Invitation Letter Template for your context, and send to your church members by paper mail and/or email.

  2. The Foundation will create a unique webpage and a Facebook event, and send a links to both so that you can publicize the event on your website and church Facebook page.

2 Weeks Before

  1. Use our Pastor Talking Points to make an announcement from the pulpit during worship.

  2. Continue to promote the workshop online.

1 Week Before

  1. Add your event’s details to our workshop bulletin insert. Print it and distribute on the last Sunday before your workshop.

  2. Use our Pastor Talking Points to make another announcement from the pulpit during worship.

  3. Continue to promote the workshop online.

Day Of Workshop

  1. Set up the room one hour prior to the start of the presentation. Please provide a projector and screen, power strip, seating that will allow participants to see the screen, and refreshments (coffee hour fare is appropriate).

  2. Be on the lookout for your workshop leader, who will arrive from the Foundation about an hour before the workshop is scheduled to start.

  3. Your pastor will be invited to open the workshop with a word of welcome and a prayer.

  1. The Foundation will send an email with a list of attendees. Adapt our thank you letter template and send a copy to each attendee.

  2. Keep the momentum going by scheduling gentle reminders on a quarterly basis moving forward, and delegate this responsibility to a specific person on your finance or endowment committee.

1 Week After