Here at the Foundation, we do our best to act as a satellite Planned Giving office for all of the United Methodist Churches in Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and Alaska. We offer the following workshops at no cost.


Will Writing

This 90-minute workshop helps people think through what they own and how to distribute it upon their death. It demystifies probate, living trusts, and estate tax. Each participant receives a free “Planning Your Legacy” booklet. It’s often offered on a weekday afternoon or evening.


Ways to Give

This 60-minute workshop covers a variety of tax-wise gift vehicles (bequests, gifts of life insurance, life estate reserved, charitable gift annuities, charitable trusts, bargain sales, stock gifts, and IRA rollover gifts). It’s often offered with a meal after church on Sundays.


Planned giving roadmap

This 60-minute workshop is specifically designed for church leaders and endowment committees. It provides a roadmap to help your church establish a healthy planned giving program. It’s often offered during a scheduled meeting of the relevant group or committee.

Contact to get on our schedule. We’re a small team covering a large area, so please keep at least 3 possible dates in mind and reach out several months in advance. If we can’t make it there in person, we’ll teach via videoconference.

We have a full suite of promotional materials to help you get the word out about an upcoming workshop at your church. We recommend making announcements at least 3 Sundays in advance.